We offer fascia & soffit replacement for customers in the East Renfrewshire area. We always advise our customer that it is better to replace the fascia & soffit with new uPVC boards rather than repair the old timber which could be rotten


Here is just a short introduction in to the work we have carried out in the past.

We Take Pride In All Of Our Roofline Projects

We have a large range of uPVC Roofline products available. We have fitted many new fascia & soffits across the UK. There are many different colours to choose from in our uPVC fascia and soffit range, from the standard white, light oak and mahogany.

We also have huge range of new foil coloured options available. We will install vents into the soffits because all roof voids must be ventilated at the eaves in order to stop warm air condensing on cold surfaces. Condensation could lead to rot and mould growth on the roof trusses. The air gap must be 10 mm or 25 mm these are the minimum gaps required for clear continuous air flow at the eaves. We have two different fascia boards we use we have one which is 16 mm thick and the other one is 20 mm in thickness.

Fascias & Soffits East Renfrewshire

Free Quotes & Estimates

Please feel free to contact us anytime, we are always happy to call round to give you a free quote on any building project you may have for us. We have many satisfied customers throughout the whole of Scotland and we regularly complete major building contracts across the whole of the East Renfrewshire area.