JBC Joiners & Builders are experts when it comes to Garage Conversions in Renfrewshire and across central Scotland and it has become one of our signature services. If you’re looking for help with a potential extension and you’re not sure how to proceed then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find detailed information on our process as well as some really useful information about converting and adding to existing buildings.


Here is just a short introduction in to the work we have carried out in the past.

Why convert your garage?

Converting your garage allows you to add a huge extra space to your house without actually building a new extension onto the building. It involves less planning permission, is less expensive and keeps your garden and the outside of the house as they are – so you don’t need to sacrifice outside space and the look of the house for your new room!

Whether you’re planning to make full use of all your new space or simply wish to add value to your property, a garage conversion can shoot some life into your home and add tens of thousands to its price tag. Some of the reasons to pursue a garage conversion that have driven our customers include:

  • Creating more living space

If you feel like your house isn’t big enough for your needs – if a child has outgrown their shared bedroom, you’ve taken up a new space-intensive hobby or you just fancy a bigger space to call your own – then you have two choices: move, or increase the space in the house. Many people don’t want to move, as they love their area and their house or would rather spend the money elsewhere, so for them a garage conversion will provide all the extra space they could possibly want, without the stress of leaving your home behind.

Improving the value of the house!

Garage conversions are an very effective and tested way of increasing the value of a house, and have been shown in the past to boost the property’s value by up to 12.5%, which for many homes means turning a healthy profit from the conversion!

What does a garage conversion entail?

Garage conversions are not as stressful as extensions or new building projects for several reasons. For starters, you don’t need planning permission, as your conversion won’t be increasing the size or altering the shape of your house. Without the need for planning permission, you’re free to plan the project however you like and proceed whenever you want!

This is where the experience and expertise of JBC Joiners & Builders really comes into play. Our seasoned designers, architects and builders can look at your available space, listen to what you want to achieve, and work from there.